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Why We Are Closing our Online Store

Hello everyone.

If you are reading this, you are probably a bit surprised, maybe even disappointed that we have suddenly closed our virtual doors. But believe me, we have thought about it for many months and ultimately decided that it was time to make this decision.

There are many reasons for this, one of which being an incident that caused us to lose the borehole on our property and—due to the water restrictions in Cape Town—left us unable to continue making duvet sets. I won’t list all of the other reasons here, but you should know that we did not take this decision lightly, since Mono Online Shop is something we have built on for more than 4 years and admittedly, it is sad to see it end in this way.

Having said that, I think it is important to know when the time has come to move on and while this may be the end of one project, it is also the beginning of other projects, which I am excited to share with you.

For those of you who loved our designs and supported us as a local business (especially if you are in Somerset West or Stellenbosch), you might be interested to know that we have started a new business called Pleekō. It is different from what we did at Mono Online Shop, but also something we really enjoy—I, in particular, since this new business has allowed me to do something I have always wanted to do, which is being a full-time graphic designer with my own business.

We haven’t entirely moved away from selling online though! Yesterday, we launched the Pleekō Online Store, a project that I am very excited about, since it allows us to collaborate with some very talented artists and make beautiful products. If you love art, I encourage you to check it out.

For those of you who enjoyed reading this blog, I have started another blog—more of a personal blog but it is all about design and creativity (two topics I am passionate about). You can find it here.

Finally, there is one more project I would like to mention, because it is something I have planned and thought about for a few years and of all my projects, I find this one to be the most meaningful. It is called Open Plan Learning—an organisation that focuses on education (specifically in underprivileged schools).

I only mention these projects because I have noticed that there are many of you who have taken an interest, not only in our products, but also in what we do in general, and this means a lot to me. Visit alternative shop –

We will not continue to use our social media accounts as Mono Online Shop but you can, of course, find us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter under any of the above names. We have also disabled the cart functionality on this website and in a short while, we will take it offline. If you still want to order something, you have a few weeks to do so. Please send us an email at with your order and we will let you know if we have any stock available.

To all of you who has supported us in the past—even if it was in the smallest way, thank you. We hope you’ve enjoyed our products as much as we enjoyed designing them.

– Petro

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