Wall Art Ideas

When it comes to adding the final touches to your space, I feel that there is one particular element that adds the ultimate personal touch and that is wall art.

We all have our personal tastes in art and the good news is that pretty much any kind of art looks good in a minimal, Scandinavian-style space – classical art just as much as abstract. In fact, even though I personally love abstract art and illustration, I think a classic oil painting probably makes for the most interesting piece in an all-white room.

Having said that, there is one important thing to remember when choosing the perfect wall art, and that is to choose something that you love and has some kind of meaning to you.

I have gathered some examples of a variety of ways in which you can decorate your walls. Remember to follow us on Pinterest for more inspiration.

Gallery wall

If you have enough space, and a single large painting won’t do, you can always create a gallery wall. What I love about this method is that it allows you to mix and match a variety of your favourite pieces. The result is visually striking.

A gallery wall can be as elaborate and colourful as this one:

Or you could take a simpler, more toned down approach:


I also love this monochromatic one:

Statement piece

If you don’t have enough space for a gallery wall, one large ‘statement’ piece is a great alternative. Choose a piece that really appeals to you and/or suits the style of your space and decorate it with some smaller accessories. Note that you also don’t always have to hang your artwork – leaning them against a wall works fine, especially if drilling a hole into the wall is not an option.


A mirror also makes a great statement piece:

Think outside the frame

Wall art doesn’t necessarily have to come in a frame. There are other alternatives that can be used on their own or as part of a gallery wall. I’ve always been a fan of moodboards – especially for a home office. (For those who don’t know, a mood board is basically a gallery wall, only with unframed artwork – see below for examples.)

The clip board idea below is a great one. Full tutorial here.

nd below is my very own mood board – I have used our rectangular cork board and added a few photos, a couple of my favourite post cards, the ‘months’ part of our Minimalist Calendar and even some gift tags. What I love about mood boards is that you can change it up whenever you feel like it (hence the name mood board).

Here is another idea: A Macrame. You can make your own with some rope and copper piping and I love the Bohemian-inspired look.

You can also make your own wall decal with some washi tape. I love this one:

Or keep it simple like we did:

(Full tutorial here.)

Feel inspired? We have a whole range of prints for you to choose from (and more coming soon!) and of course if you have any questions or comments, feel free to let me know below or on our Facebook page.

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