The Scandinavian Look


Scandinavian Look

I think I fell in love with Scandinavian interiors the first time I saw it on Pinterest. We were in the process of looking for a new house and I was looking for ideas when I happened to come across some images of beautiful airy spaces  – all with white wooden floors, white walls and large unobstructed windows. Later I learned that these homes are designed to let the maximum amount of sunlight in during cold Northern European winters, resulting in a light, bright and modern home.

The Scandinavian look has become a style in itself and is no longer limited to homes in Northern Europe. I not only love it because it is so flexible – you can literally combine it with any style – but mostly because the look can be achieved without ruining your budget. (Anyone who has ever renovated a home knows that this is not a cheap exercise.)

When attempting to get this look I think the first secret is white. White walls, white floors and sometimes even white furniture. Since this was our first time taking on a project like this and we had never even heard of Scandinavian interiors before, we found the idea of going all white a little bit intimidating. When you haven’t seen the result yet, it’s easy to picture a clinical, washed-out space when in reality white is warm and inviting.

Another thing about Scandinavian homes is that they are open and uncluttered. No unnecessary furniture, ornaments or even curtains. Less is more with this style.

Before we moved into our newly bought house, we sold all of our furniture – shocking I know, but it gave us the chance to start over and be a little more selective this time. I believe that the ‘buy less, choose well’ principle is a good one to follow. We now have fewer pieces than we’ve ever had but are still receiving compliments on how comfortable and homey our house feels. I will share some more about how we managed to get the perfect look in future posts.

In the meantime, here are some great examples of beautiful homes on My Scandinavian Home blog and of course my Interior Inspiration. board on Pinterest. Also take a look at the photos in our gallery (these were all taken at home – more on that later).

I can also recommend these books:

At Home with White by Atlanta Bartlett

Simply Scandinavian by Sara Norrman

Scandinavian Modern by Chrystina Schmidt and Magnus Englund

(Image source: Stadshem)

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