Scandinavian Furniture: How to Pick the Right Pieces

So far on this blog we have talked about choosing the right flooringwindow treatments, wall art and getting the Scandinavian look in general but if there is one factor that will finally determine the look of your space, that would be the furniture.

It may seem kind of obvious, but I just realised that many people who want to have a Scandinavian-style interior get the first part right, i.e. painting your walls white and choosing the right flooring, but then things can become a little bit overwhelming when having to choose the right furniture, since there are endless options out there.

I have mentioned before that Scandinavian interiors are flexible, and that you can combine it with other styles, but for those of you who want to go 100% with the Scandi-look, you would probably want to choose mostly Scandinavian-style furniture. Here are some tips to help you pick the right ones:

1: Keep Functionality in Mind

Functionality is probably the one thing that Scandinavian design is best known for. Even if you don’t pick authentic Scandinavian pieces, making sure they are functional will bring you one step closer to achieving an authentic Scandinavian space.

2: Choose Clean Lines

Selecting pieces with clean lines is key to getting a minimalist space. You’ll want to avoid antique furniture and anything with too much decorative detail. Instead, go for simpler and more modern furniture. The same principle applies with textiles.

3: Incorporate Wooden Textures

Wood forms a large part of Scandinavian design and I haven’t seen many examples of Scandi interiors that don’t include wood in some way. The type of wood you choose depends on where you are going with this style: For a very modern interior, choose light woods such as white oak or birch and combine these with pastel colours; if you are going for a mid-century modern interior, your decor would include darker woods such as walnut and mahogany, which play well with leather elements and brighter colours.

4: Choose Less, but Choose Well

You’ve heard the phrase ‘less is more’ – well, that definitely applies here. Start with the necessities and if you really want to stay true to this style, end there. Not only will this allow you to pick higher quality pieces (which tend to be more expensive), but you will also realise that you really don’t need that much furniture.

(By the way, I’m not great at this but every time I eliminate some clutter from my room, and learn to live with less, I thank myself for it later.)

If you are wondering where to get started, we have just launched a few new furniture pieces, now all made from birch plywood. You can view them here and let us know what you think.

Also, I was going to announce the winner of our giveaway competition in a post last week Friday (which didn’t happen – sorry about that!). Congratulations to Stephanie Videira – you are the winner of our 5 piece giveaway. Please send me an email at to claim your prize. 🙂

To everyone else who entered – there will be more, promise!

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