Our New Bedding Range: Behind The Scenes

I don’t often post about new products that we add to the store, but things are a little bit different for our new bedding range. We’ve done something new, which is to combine fabric dyeing with our hand-printing process to create designs that – I’ll be honest with you, are some of my favourite ones yet.

I have also done something I don’t usually do: I have made a behind-the-scenes video to show you our process. If you haven’t ordered from us yet (or if you have), you should know that we put a lot of love and hard work into our products, especially with bedding and furniture. And in case you didn’t know, we are a family business who really enjoy what we do and we hope that shows. 🙂

So here are our new bedding designs, if you haven’t seen them yet:

And my personal favourite (using three different shapes for the pattern):

How our duvet sets are made

Before anything can be made, the fabric needs to be cut and washed (this is to prevent shrinkage of the final product and also to prepare it for printing). Once that is done, we are ready to start printing.

Our designs are all printed by hand. And I don’t mean screen printing – we use our own stencils that are made using a 3D printer. The stencil is then used to print a pattern onto the fabric using a roller (as you will see in the video below). Some designs like the Scallop Duvet Set take longer than others, since we can only print a few scallops at a time. When the ink is dry, the fabric is slowly ironed by hand to fix the print and make it suitable for washing. After that, the pieces are sewn together and the final duvet set is ironed and packaged before we ship it.

For our new designs, we had to add an extra step to the process: Dyeing the fabric. We do this before the hand-printing process and each duvet set is dyed individually. All of this can take a while, but we reckon the end-product is worth all the effort that goes into it.

But that’s enough explaining. I have made a video so you can see for yourself. Enjoy!

I have to add that we didn’t initially plan to hand-print our own bedding. It’s just that we couldn’t afford commercial printing at the time and there are limits to how wide you can print on a commercial printer. So we improvised and found a way to do it ourselves. It reminds me of this simple fact:

But out of limitations come creativity. – Debbie Allen

I made a desktop background with this quote, which you can download here.

You can purchase one of our new duvet sets here.

And if you like the video, let me know and I’ll make more in the future. 🙂

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