October 2017 – Free Printable Calendar


Rushing to complete deadlines before exams in November and preparing for the holidays in December has lead me to take a break this weekend and pursue creative outlets like painting walls black, printing cat pics and finding a pom pom seagrass basket for recently purchased jungle greens – in a composition for my October calendar layout.

Black walls and jungle leaves as an interior theme has long preoccupied my mind and been on the ‘to do’ list. Finally, I have gone ahead with an idea as I am often a dreamer rather than a doer. Originally I was set on an #allwhite theme for my interior and Instagram account (@grace_in_the_mundane), but found myself limited and a blank canvas.

My new obsession for black walls and interiør is inspired from my recent trip to Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo where everything – interiør, décor and structure – is black. Visiting the capital cities of Scandinavia – where my favourite Instagram interior accounts I follow originate from – has brought my pinterest pins and Instagram bookmarks to life, expanded my understanding for Scandinavian design and motivated myself to try new things (because worse case scenario: paint the wall again).

As well as being an accumulator of dreams rather than action, I also accumulate photographs (black cats and photographs of black cats) which I never end up printing due to indecisiveness and perfectionism. It’s almost the end of the year and six months since I have moved into my new apartment and I am glad to finally be printing, framing and painting – without judgment or second thoughts.

As you can see my three black cats are common subject matter of mine. Their beautiful black fur and green eyes are complimented by the new backdrop and tropical surrounds.  Bagheera loves to be photographed, Blue loves to eat plants and Beowulf loves to play hide-and-seek. I can’t wait to print and frame more pics to add to my series of black cats and tropical greens on my black wall!

Download your free calendar for October here.



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