Moving Into Our New Studio (Part 2)

About a month ago, I posted some ‘before’ photos of our new studio in Somerset West, as well as some images of showrooms that inspire me. I have to say that although we aren’t quite finished yet, we have made a lot of progress with our studio, which is why I thought it was a good time to share some photos of what we have done so far.

As always, I will be sharing before and after photos when we are 100% finished and ready but for now, this is how things are looking at the moment…

As you can see above, a couple of white trestle desks on display also double as my work space during the day. I styled it with some of our prints and The Artisan’s Supreme B Lamp – I love it with the black accents. I also found our herringbone tray and tall coffee mug useful for organising my desk accessories.

Below is our stationery/home office display. I have added some finishing touches with more prints, post cards, our Instagram photos printed and pinned to a cork board and two utensil holders for holding washi tape and our Seven Swans gift tags. (P.S. The wooden peg board and printed gift wrapping paper will be available soon.)

Below, we are putting our cross wall hooks to good use – very handy, these hooks.

We have added a wooden workbench to our studio to display our kitchen accessories. These are actually great for kitchens – we have three in our own home and they are super practical for open storage. We also have some new prints coming out…

This is especially exciting for me because until now, most of our products were made to order, so this is really the first time we get to see so many of them in one room! Hopefully, in a few weeks or so, we will have all of our products (and some new ones) on display.

So what do you think? Any comments or even some suggestions? Let me know your thoughts in our brand new comments section below! 🙂

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