Monochromatic Gift Wrapping

One thing I find rather enjoyable is wrapping gifts – especially with our monochrome colour scheme, which allows me to be more creative, I think (I’m so over bright coloured gift wrapping paper!).

So with the festive season approaching and all, I thought I’d share some gift wrapping tips and ideas, using only black, white and brown stationery. What I love about monochrome is that all your gifts will look great next to each other (not to mention in your home) and despite my limited choice of ‘colours’, you’ll see that the possibilities are endless!

What you’ll need:

  • A gift to wrap, obviously. (I am using some empty boxes for demonstration purposes.)
  • A pair of scissors (the larger, the better).
  • Brown, black and/or white gift wrapping paper. You can also use blank newspaper, which can be found at some packaging or craft supply stores (I buy mine here).
  • Our Swiss Cross gift wrapping paper.
  • Some of Seven Swans’ brush stroke and geometric gift tags.
  • Black satin ribbon (twine will also do).
  • Some tape – preferably black, white and/or monochromatic patterned washi tape. You can buy washi tape here, here or here.

Gift #1:

For this one I have taken step by step photos to show you how to properly wrap a gift. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Have everything ready before you begin.
  • Work on a flat surface with plenty of space, such as the dining room table or an empty desk.
  • Measure how much paper you will need before cutting and don’t be tempted to use too much paper – it just makes it difficult to wrap neatly and will end up looking ‘bulky’.
  • A large pair of scissors allows for neater cutting.

For this one, I used black gift wrapping (or black kraft) paper, black washi tape (I like the fact that you can hardly see it and it looks much better than clear tape), black satin ribbon and finished it off with a geometric gift tag. The end result:

Gift #2:

Another type of paper that I love to use for gift wrapping is plain newspaper (I got mine from Merrypak in Cape Town – many packaging stores have it as well). I’ve used black washi tape here for contrast, as well as some black satin ribbon and a brush stroke gift tag for the full monochromatic look. If you can’t find blank newsprint paper, you can also use the classifieds section of any newspaper (or any part that contains a lot of writing and no ads or images).

Gift #3:

This one is the quickest – no ribbons or gift tags required, since the paper is already patterned. I have used our white Swiss Cross gift wrapping paper and white washi tape (black or clear would also work). Our gift wrapping paper, as you can see in the first image of this post, works really well in combination with the other methods I have shown here.

Gift #4:

For the next one, I have used brown paper (you can find it almost anywhere) and patterned washi tape. Since we have so much brown paper at the studio for packaging, this is the method I use most often when wrapping gifts (especially for large items, like our tipi). This one is a bit plain, so I made a quick card with A6 white cardboard and the same washi tape I used on the gift.

And for the gift card with it…

And I just love how they all look together…

Hope that inspired you to try out some new things as far as gift wrapping goes – if you do, tag us in your Instagram photos or share with us on Facebook (I would love to see). If not, we can always wrap your items for free.

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