Inspiration: Work Space

There are SO many lovely ideas out there for a beautiful home office and since this is the place where a lot of people – especially if they work from home – spend most of their time, there is no reason why your home office shouldn’t be the most creative and inspirational space in your entire home. Now obviously when it comes to a work space, I prefer a bright and minimal Scandinavian-style interior, much like the following…

Some greenery is always a good idea – I love how the indoor plant in the window sill ‘brings the outside in’ by reflecting the trees outside.

I love the addition of the wooden hand here – not only does it give this space its artsy feel, but it also fits into the natural colour scheme beautifully.

Here is a clever use of cork wall tiles. It’s not purely aesthetic, it also utilises the wall space by acting as a huge ‘pin board’ (which in my opinion, is an essential element to have in any creative home office space).

You can complete the look by downloading the minimal flip clock screen saver here. (You’re welcome.)

Copper works brilliantly with black, white and wood and it really brightens up this space. I’m also a huge fan of storage boxes like these – they are super handy for storing any small, loose items and work beautifully in a space like this.

So what do you think – are these spaces beautiful or what? Hopefully you feel inspired to liven up your own work space a bit. Here are some products to get you started:

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  1. Cork Pin Board (Rectangular) – R380
  2. Tall Coffee Mug acting as stationery holder – R80
  3. Monochrome Wall Light – R850
  4. Calendar Print-out – free
  5. Sterkte Skattie A6 Card – R38
  6. Wooden Block Print – R190
  7. Mini Copper Jack Table Lamp – R870
  8. Geometric Planter – R350
  9. Minimalist Calendar – R350

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