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How to Create a Neutral Bedroom

Deciding on a colour scheme for your bedroom can be so difficult! I especially find it hard because I love changing the look of my bedroom every once in a while. But I have to say, ever since we moved into this new house (and it has been a year now) I have never gotten tired of my bedroom’s colour scheme (or at least, not yet). I guess it is partly because for the first time I got to start from scratch and that allowed me to get exactly what I want, but I think it also has to do with the fact that I chose a neutral colour scheme with plain white walls, allowing me to add different elements of colour and change my look without too much effort. Here are some tips on how to get the look:

White walls

It may sound boring but trust me, even I never get tired of it. It is like starting on a clean canvas and it just makes life so much easier (no deciding on a colour and having the paint mixed). Also – and this is the main reason why most Scandinavian homes go with the white scheme – it allows more light into the room and bright, white rooms feel a lot warmer than dark rooms.

Wooden floors (preferably in white or a very light colour, such as washed oak)

I suppose that for a lot of you, it is not possible to replace your floors but if you ever get the chance to do this, wooden floors are a great choice (and the way to go if you want a Scandinavian-style home). Firstly, make sure you go for hardwood or engineered wood, not laminated floors. Sure, they may be cheaper but they don’t look authentic at all. Secondly, choose white or a light shade of wood. When we picked out a floor we went with engineered wood in washed oak. While it is not 100% white (but rather more of a light grey – still gorgeous), the result transformed our entire home and again, brought so much more light into the house. It’s amazing!

If you find yourself in a house with old wooden floors hidden beneath the carpets, consider yourself lucky! Getting white wooden floors is a simple matter of stripping away the carpets and giving the planks a few coats of fresh white paint (provided there aren’t any missing planks, of course). This will give you a truly Scandinavian look, since solid white wooden planks are nearly impossible to find, which is why we had to go with a slightly darker shade. Not to mention, it will probably cost a lot less than a new set of floors.

Wood (and other natural) elements

In my opinion, one can never have too much wood. And it doesn’t have to be expensive either. We actually used a lot of pallets in our home (I’m counting 13 in total). It’s a great way to build your own furniture at a low cost and I promise, it does not look like a cheap DIY solution. We’ve received many compliments but decide for yourself:

Another great way to incorporate wooden elements is with driftwood – tree branches that got washed up on the beach and get bleached by the sun and wind to a beautiful grey shade that works surprisingly well with our look here. This is especially great if you live near the coast or if you have a beach house. Always make sure that you allow your driftwood to dry out in the sun for at least a couple of months before you use it.

Cork, rope, natural wool and paper are also great for this look and they are trending this year.

White bedding

Creating a neutral bedroom that allows you to easily change some elements without changing the whole look, starts with creating a clean canvas that you can work with. Choosing white bedding allows you to accessorize with blankets, throws or even scatter cushions – items that you can collect and change up when you get tired of your look. I have to mention here that when choosing a white duvet set, it is important to choose high quality bedding. Choose something with a high thread count. The higher the thread count (number of threads per square inch), the finer the cotton and therefore the more comfortable and durable it is. A set with a high thread count is more expensive, but you will notice the difference, and you don’t have to go for the highest thread count you can find; anything above 200 is acceptable.

Neutral elements

I am talking about beige, shades of brown, different shades of white… We have a lot of neutral products in our shop. Add something like a beige throw or some neutral scatter cushions to your bed. Use the neutral elements as an accent – white should still be the predominant ‘colour’ in this look. Adding small black accents to your room also helps – it actually prevents the entire space from looking a little ‘washed out’.

Add your own personal touch

This ‘how-to’ guide was only for your inspiration. It is important, especially when decorating your own bedroom, to add a little bit of yourself – it is your personal space after all! I have a mood board with some of my favourite magazine snippets and pictures above the desk in my room. I also love decorating the back of my bedroom door with washi tape! That is what I love about this look – it is so flexible and you can add almost anything to it.

To help you achieve this great neutral look for your bedroom (or guest bedroom – now there’s an idea!), here is a great winter deal: get 10% off anything in the bedroom collection. Just type the code NEUTRALBEDROOM into the discount code box at the checkout. It is valid until the end of August. Enjoy!


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