February 2017 – Free Printable Calendar

Seeing that February is the month of love I decided to choose a theme which is “do what you love”.

My February calendar layout is of my minimal study space which represents the things I love and love to do.

  • As you can see, I love photography and photograph the things I love: the books I am reading, cameras and my adorable black cats.
  • My favourite colour is pink. I do not believe in filling spaces with objects that do not have or serve a function, but if a functional object (such as a book or camera) comes in pink I most certainly want it and will depict it in an aesthetic way.
  • I love the process of work, different mediums and the final product. This can be seen by the various representations, by different mediums, of my cat Blue.
  • Above all, I love my cats Bagheera and Blue as they have added contrast to my life and Instagram account.

There are so many things I love, love doing and love to depict! If you are interested in seeing more please visit my Instagram account and blog: Grace in the Mundane.

Download your free printable calendar for February here.

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