Effortlessly Elegant

If I had to describe my style (whether it be personal style or decorating style) in a single word, I think it would be ‘effortless’. I guess that’s why I love Scandinavian-style interiors so much – it is understated and seemingly effortless, yet so elegant at the same time. I love it not only for how it looks, but for the easy-going lifestyle it reflects.

Mono Online Shop is all about effortless – we love this style, and I have decided to once again share some pics of our own home (as well as some tips) on how to get this look, so here goes.

The driftwood in the first image has a permanent place next to my desk. We picked it up on the beach – it was already weathered by the sun and sea and I just love how it adds a natural element to my room with hardly any effort at all.

When we moved into this house, my room had no cupboards. This was fine with me – I’ve always loved the look of an open wardrobe anyway and this is where a clothing rail is so perfect. The idea may sound untidy to some but you’ll be surprised at how practical and uncluttered it turned out to be. Any extras (socks, etc.) go either into my laundry bag or into the natural box (shown in the second image). Sometimes I even use carry bags from my favourite clothing stores as a means of storage.

My guitar also has its place next to the clothing rail – it is within my reach when I feel like playing but mostly I just love using instruments as décor, especially something like an acoustic guitar, which (together with my knitted floor cushion and ethnic rug) gives the room a Bohemian feel.

Another great way to create this effortless look is by using pallets – we have them all over our home (I’m counting about eight). We use them as bed bases, coffee tables, sofa beds, etc. They are very rough and uneven, which is perfect (in my opinion, anyway).

Mood boards are a great, non-permanent way of decorating a wall. I love using these polaroid-style photos and some hand-painted quotes or words. This is especially useful if you are renting (or on a budget).

I find this style very forgiving – especially when your home is still a work in progress (like ours). Using an old chair and a simple stack of magazines or books as décor creates a look that is comfortable and laid-back. This way, one or two unfinished details don’t stand out as much.

The dining table used to be a solid colour – we wanted a more rustic effect, so we removed most of the paint with some paint stripper and a belt sander, creating a rough look that we combined with modern elements, such as the industrial bench and a couple of modern chairs. The two chairs at the back are actually two old chairs we found when we moved in. We upcycled them by painting them black. The two lamps were inexpensive and add some more rustic charm.

There is a space between the living area and kitchen that is too small for a dining table and too large to leave empty, so we created a coffee nook. We combined a rustic table with two bistro-style chairs and added a modern pendant light. As you can see, we’ve incorporated the driftwood again, which happens to be the same colour as our little table. The flowers also bring a unique, natural feel to the space. I love fynbos– it is so South African, yet it works beautifully with the Scandinavian style, especially when combined with these rustic elements.

So if you love this look (as much as I do), then these products are for you:

  1. White Top Trestle Desk
  2. Industrial Clothing Rail (or keep an eye out for the new one that is coming soon)
  3. Pallet Coffee Table
  4. Laundry Basket
  5. Natural Knitted Throw

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