Easy DIY Christmas Crackers

We don’t do a lot of DIY here on our blog (maybe we should do more? – I don’t know, let me know in the comments) but this Festive Season I got inspired to make some of my own Christmas decorations. Nothing complicated – they are all very simple projects that anyone can do and yet you might find them very useful. I will share more next week (this is part of a mini blog series), so keep an eye out for that.

But first, Christmas crackers. It makes so much sense to make these yourself, since they are 1) incredibly easy to make and 2) a lot cheaper than store-bought ones. You also have the added advantage of selecting your own gifts that go inside. What you put inside is entirely up to you.

For these, I used one of our magnets (you get one as a free gift with every order), an inspirational quote I printed at home and a homemade sweet. I like the idea of including a different quote in each cracker, so I collected some of my favourite quotes and put them all into one PDF (download here) that you can print at home and use in your own crackers. I have also posted the recipe for my homemade date sweets on my personal blog and you can find it here.

To make these, you will need the following:

  • Some empty toilet paper rolls
  • Sheets of paper – if you are using gift wrapping paper or a roll of kraft paper, cut it to A4 size
  • Ribbon or twine (optional)
  • Some transparent sticky tape (or washi tape if you have)
  • Small gifts for the inside
  • Cracker snaps (optional, though crackers are not nearly as fun without the snapping sound!)

You can use any paper you like. I had some of our Swiss cross gift wrapping paper, plain white copier paper, some brown kraft paper, as well as a couple of black and white designs that I printed out (the grid and the reindeer print – you can download those here and print them at home).

To assemble, place everything that goes inside the cracker (including your cracker snap) inside the empty toilet paper roll and place on the edge of the long side of the paper.

Secure the edge of the paper to the roll with some sticky tape and roll it up tightly.

Use another piece of sticky tape to hold everything together:

Finally, twist both ends of the cracker in opposite directions. Try not to crumple the paper too much by gripping as close to the ends of the toilet paper roll as you can.

You can add some ribbon or twine to the plain ones and you’ll have some very elegant, monochromatic crackers perfect for your Christmas table:

Speaking of a Christmas table, next week I will be sharing some photos of ours, plus some tips on how to get the look. You don’t want to miss it!

Also, if you happen to make your own Christmas crackers – don’t forget to tag @monoshopza in your Instagram photos. Happy DIYing. 🙂


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Xmas Fairyreply
5 December 2016 at 11:21 AM

Can I ask you where you got the snappy part for the middle? thanks. Love the design!

Petro Vivierreply
5 December 2016 at 2:54 PM
– In reply to: Xmas Fairy

The cracker snaps are from Merrypak in Cape Town – you can find them here: http://www.merrypak.co.za/product-category/craft/craft-craft-accessories/craft-craft-accessories-cracker-snaps/
You can also find them on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/258273438/cracker-snaps?ref=market

Glad you love it. 🙂

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