DIY Brush Stroke Gift Wrapping Paper

I know it’s not Christmas or anything but I suddenly got the inspiration for a gift wrapping post that I wanted to do. We gift wrap a lot of things around here – some orders are gifts and therefore require wrapping. Obviously we don’t use gift wrapping paper from other stores but we also don’t have a wide range of our own designs yet. What we do have a lot of is plain brown paper, which we use for general packaging. So I decided to use (mostly) that and get a little creative with it!

What you will need:

  1. Some paper (ideally a roll of plain paper). I used mostly brown paper and some leftover black kraft paper, as well as some white paper – they are probably the cheapest you can find. But feel free to use any kind of paper.
  2. Ink or watercolours.
  3. A waterbrush or regular soft paint brush appropriate for watercolours.
  4. Some water (if you’re using a regular paint brush).

The process is so simple, anyone can do it. Simply paint any design you want onto the paper using the waterbrush and ink (if you’re using a regular paint brush, wet it first). I love the look of simple brush strokes and as I said, anybody can do this. I had some black and white calligraphy ink, so that is what I used but feel free to experiment with different colour combinations. You don’t even need to use brown or white paper – pastel colour paper would look really great with brush stroke designs as well.

I personally really love the white ink on black paper…

Or the combination of black and white ink:

I just love DIYs as easy and elegant as this one, don’t you? If you love this, also check out our DIY and gift wrapping boards on Pinterest.

Happy wrapping!

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