Decorating with Washi Tape

Washi tape – I just love the stuff! It’s useful for just about anything crafty – cake toppers, gift wrapping, card making etc. However, I think I discovered its best use yet (in my opinion, anyway) and that is DIY wall stickers.

What makes this so great is the fact that it is inexpensive (a roll of washi tape only costs about R24), easy to do yourself and non-permanent – perfect for when you are renting. I have listed here four easy ways to use this versatile tape for wall decorating but what you can do with it is only limited to your imagination and creativity. So here goes:

What you need:

All you need is a roll (or a few rolls) of washi tape – I used black and grey but you can use any colour of your choice. You also need a pair of scissors.

Decoration #1: Triangles

This one is so easy! Simply cut pieces of washi tape at 45 degrees to make little triangles. Make sure you space them evenly to get the pattern effect. I like this for a children’s room, especially with our Pineapple Print and brand new Chevron Ottoman.

I also love it with our Minimalist Calendar and a black Eames chair – such a great way to decorate a dull corner.

Decoration #2: Trees

This design takes the triangles a step further. It requires a little bit more effort but I think the result looks really impressive! You simply overlap three triangles (point side up) to form a tree, as shown in the image:

Again, use any washi tape of your choice, although I find a solid colour works best for these small stickers. I like black for the trees – it looks really Scandinavian. I love how this one turned out:

Decoration #3: Stars

I decided to use grey washi tape for this one, since it goes nicely with this new Cloud Wall Decoration. To make the stars, place two triangles on top of each other, one pointing up and one pointing down, like this:

The result:

Decoration #4: For your photos

Washi tape is also great for creating mood boards. For this I used a few polaroid-style photos ( if you’d like to print your Instagram photos, check out these guys). This one is really simple – I don’t think I need to explain how I did it. 🙂

(How great are these cork wall tiles?)

For more great ideas, see our Washi Tape Ideas board on Pinterest (don’t forget to follow us). Oh and by the way, you can find washi tape at just about any craft store nowadays, as well as on this great online shop.

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