December 2017 – Free Printable Calendar

This is it. Our last printable calendar of the year. We hope you’ve enjoyed them! If you have any suggestions for next year’s freebie of the month, leave a comment below. I’m thinking free desktop backgrounds, since I like to change mine often. I don’t know – let me know what you think.

While we are here, I thought I’d also give you a heads up on our plans for next year. There will be quite a few changes to our product range – sadly, we’re saying goodbye to most of our larger products (including our furniture and clothing rails) but we are doing this so that we can start shipping internationally starting in January 2018. We are also making space for new products, which includes new bedding designs, white and charcoal canvas buckets, original art, ceramics and (this is super exciting!) a range of designer cutlery. There will also be a greater selection of smaller items like hand-printed pouches, soaps and tote bags, as well as plenty of other stuff we’re super excited about. 🙂

Keep an eye on our store for these changes – you can also subscribe to our newsletter and stay updated that way.

Download your free calendar for December here.

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