Before & After Part 2

Our home is still very much a work in progress, so whenever we add the finishing touches to any room, it’s exciting. I was very lucky to come across these ‘before’ photos (the first one, in particular) and to date, this room has to be my favourite transformation. I love the end result – not only is the room unrecognisable from what it was, but it is also one of the areas in our house that completely embraces the monochrome look (which I LOVE). Anyway, here are some before and after photos (I don’t think I need to tell you which ones are which):

It’s amazing how something as simple as a few coats of white paint can transform a whole room. I realise that it takes more than that, but trust me – if you want to go with this look, white walls are imperative. The moment we painted this room, the whole space immediately appeared brighter and cleaner.

This room was quite dark due to its small, obstructed windows. We replaced all of the windows – the larger window was replaced with a patio door. To the smaller window (shown in the first photo) we added white blinds instead of curtains, for an uncluttered look. By doing this (and painting everything white), we maximised the light coming into this room – a key feature to any Scandinavian-style space.

he driftwood in the corner actually happens to be my favourite part of this whole room because we picked it up on the beach, making it a piece of décor that is 100% unique. Plus, I love the natural feel it brings to the monochromatic space.

Our Minimalist Calendar also has a permanent place against the wall and it works really well in this room.

The pallet coffee table (shown below) was actually one of our very first products. Here we added an antique white one to bring a little bit of a natural colour to the space while still keeping the theme monochrome. The same goes for the scatter cushions and the director’s chair (which is more of a dark beige). It is important to note that when going with a black and white scheme, you can (and should) use different shades of white (as well as some grey tones, for example the charcoal sofa). In fact, using a few neutral/natural colours adds warmth to your space, which is necessary for something like a living room.

Get the look

If you would like to achieve this look in your own livingroom, here are some products from our shop that will help you do so:

  1. Monochromatic prints
  2. Pallet coffee table in antique white
  3. Chequered scatter cushion; beige scatter cushion; black scatter cushion; plus scatter cushion in beige; diamonds scatter cushion
  4. Hexagon shelves
  5. Minimalist calendar

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