5 Steps to Achieving a Clutter-Free Bathroom

Anyone who has a bathroom in their home (i.e. most people) knows how easy it is for it to become one of the most cluttered places in your home. Not only is it a relatively small space (in most cases, anyway) but the combination of dirty laundry, shampoo bottles, damp towels and the fact that bathrooms get used every day, can make for a pretty untidy space if you are not careful.

I can’t give you any advice on how to keep your bathroom looking perfect ALL the time, but a great bathroom design can certainly make things a lot easier (after we renovated our own bathroom, I can definitely attest to this) and for that I do have a few tips.

1. Use Closed Storage

Proper storage will go a long way in helping you keep your bathroom as clutter-free as possible. While open storage is great in spaces where you have beautiful items on display (e.g. coffee table books and framed prints), you don’t want this in your bathroom simply because shampoo bottles and toothpaste do not make great decor items. If you can at least hide all of those things away in a cupboard or cabinet, your bathroom will already look so much better.

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2. Good Lighting and Ventilation

From my experience, dark bathrooms tend to feel more cluttered than well-lit ones and not allowing for sufficient ventilation will lead to mold (definitely NOT something you want). If you have the opportunity to choose (if you are either building or buying), ideally you want to have at least one window that can open. If there is no window, it is best to avoid dark colours and amplify the light you have by choosing a white or neutral colour scheme and installing proper lighting (multiple soft lights work better than one pendant). For ventilation, consider installing an extractor fan to avoid damage from the dampness.

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(Image: Hans Verstuyft Architecture)

Decor tip: A large mirror contributes to the light and can make a small bathroom feel much bigger.

(Image: Remodelista)

3. Towels

Towels can make or break a bathroom. Make sure you have matching ones that also match the look of your bathroom. You also don’t want to have too many of them (two or three are enough) and you definitely want to make sure that you have a place for them to hang that is not over the bath tub or shower.

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4. A Place for Dirty Laundry

Nothing clutters a bathroom more quickly than clothes lying around, so finding a place for your laundry is definitely something you can’t neglect. A laundry basket or bag is usually the best way to do this (see our natural basket and canvas buckets).

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(Image: Clever Spaces via Design Love Fest)

5. Keep the Decor Simple

Less is more – especially in a bathroom. Keep your decor as simple as possible by adding a few pieces that fit into your look, are functional and don’t take up too much space. Some ways of doing this:

  • Choose towels that fit into your look. There is nothing wrong with plain white but a designer towel can add some character to your bathroom. (See our range of Turkish towels here.)
  • Put your shampoo, hand soap and other bathroom products in bottles or containers that can be put on display. (Our Glass Dispenser Bottles are perfect for this.)
  • An indoor plant is a great way of adding some freshness to your bathroom. (Here are some great ideas, plus a plant hanger for you to put it in.)

(Image: Interior Junkie)

(Image: Shine by Three)

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(Image: Nordic Design)

Well, I hope this inspires you to take your first steps towards a minimalist bathroom. Feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments and be sure to follow us/me on Pinterest and Bloglovin’ for more beautiful photos of interiors and other things. 🙂

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