5 Creative Ways to Add Colour to a Room

I feel a little weird, writing about colour on this blog, since everyone is probably expecting me to only love black and white (with the occasional touch of beige or grey). And that is partially true because I find black and white so versatile. You can wear only white or only black, just like you can have an all-white room (and maybe all-black if you are bold!). But you can’t really do this with other colours.

I do love using colour, though it’s very different from black and white. As with many things in life, colour should preferably be used in moderation (at least for it to be effective in great design).

If you love our style, and would like to bring some colour into your home, I don’t recommend investing in colourful furniture, since you will likely regret it in the future when that colour goes out of trend. Always start with a backdrop of white, and add some colourful accents that you can easily replace, should you ever get tired of them.

Here are some ways to creatively incorporate colour into your home…

Indoor plants

I love using plants indoors – they just make any space more natural-feeling and it is probably the easiest way to brighten up a room, as you can see below.


As much as I love our monochromatic prints, there’s no denying what bright-coloured artwork can do to a space. If you would prefer not to invest in an oil painting or designer prints, consider using your own children’s art (if you have). With a monochromatic backdrop and tasteful framing, you’d be surprised at how good it can look.

(P.S. Our Pineapple and Pear prints are great for this.)

Children’s toys and accessories

Speaking of children, there is a way of incorporating toys and puzzles and other colourful things that kids like to play with into a tasteful space. I just love the example below.

(See the Pineapple and Fox plushies from Panda & Frost.)


Feature walls have always been a popular way to add colour. But why not go one step further and paint a door, or some firewood (yes, really!).

Light fixtures

You can get so creative with lighting and there are many colour options on the market today. I love the pop of red in these photos…

What I love about these examples is that the use of colour is quite minimal, yet so effective! Are you considering to add some colour into your home? Tell me about it below or on Facebook!


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