3 Steps to Creating a Minimalist Work Space

The Home Office: I think every home should have one and I can think of so many reasons why. The main reason being that it creates a sense of orderliness in any home.

I personally think that minimalist home offices make the best work spaces, because not only are there less distractions, but they also allow you to be more organised. Add a few modern elements and personal touches, and you end up with a swoon-worthy space like one of these.

So if you love this style and need a space in your home where you can sit down and be more productive, here are some steps you can take towards a more minimalist work space:

Step 1: Find the right area

If you have a separate room that you can transform into an office, that’s great. Otherwise, a bedroom can easily be utilised for this. In fact, we have desks in all of our bedrooms, as well as the TV room!

The important thing is that your work space needs to be quiet (or at least distraction-free) and preferably well-lit. If you find that the room is too dark, try painting it white and adding some white or light-coloured furniture. It also helps to be near a window.

Step 2: Get Organised

It goes without saying that a disorganised office space is about as bad as having no work space at all. Luckily there are so many creative ways to keeping everything together…

A peg board is super useful and it looks great in any space. We have our own pine wood version, as well as a canvas bucket similar to the one below.

I just love the mid-century modern office below. The shelving system takes up almost the entire wall and is not so compact, giving a really open and uncluttered look.

On the other hand, look at how much you can do with a small space such as this one! With clever design, lots of white and built-in storage, the space below doesn’t even feel that tight.

Step 3: Personalise

It doesn’t matter if you are a student, a lawyer or a creative professional, your space should feel like yours. That’s why it is important to add some personal touches. Favourite quotes, artwork, family photos and anything that reflects your personal taste all work well to keep your space from feeling impersonal.

I’ve long been a fan of mood boards. Cork pin boards also work well for this – see our rectangular one here.


See the rest of our Home Office category for products that can help you get a minimalist office space.

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