Herringbone Pestemal – White

A Pestemal (or Peshtemal) is a traditional towel that originated in Turkey about 600 years ago and they are still made there today using hand-looms. It is made from 100% cotton and flat-woven, making it lightweight as well as fast-drying. Despite the name, Turkish towels are actually very versatile and suitable to be used as throws, lightweight blankets, scarves and anything else you can think of. To care for your towel, give it a cold machine wash without any fabric softener and let it air dry. You will find that they get softer over time, while the colour never fades.

Give your guest room a clean and contemporary-classic look by pairing this herringbone-weave towel with our White Duvet Cover Set and Glass Dispenser Bottle.


Material 100% Cotton
Colour White with dark grey stripes
Size 100 x 180 cm
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